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What Makes a Home from UB Student Rental Different?

We are your home away from home. We pride ourselves on offering the best experience possible as you make your transition into your new chapter of life. We went above and beyond to ensure these homes had large rooms, storage, parking, and were built to last. The quality of the homes ensure low utility bills, privacy, and sound proof living.

Are the Leases Individual or is Everyone on One?

Our homes are not rented by the bedroom like some of the off-campus apartments in town.  Our Homes are leased by the whole place.  Therefore, everyone that will be living there, will be included on the same lease.  

How Much are the Average Utilities per Month?

The average cost of utilities (not including internet or cable if you decide to get it) are approximately $50-$75 per person, per month.  This amount can vary depending usage, time of year, etc. 

Is Parking Included in the Price?

Yes! Each of our houses have very generous private parking, which ensures each bedroom has its own space.   And this is all included in the monthly rental amount. 

Do You Only Rent to Students? 

Absolutely not - anyone that meets the qualifications to rent is welcome to live in one of our homes!  If you are interested in one of our homes - contact us! 

What Lease Terms Do You Offer?

All of our Lease Contracts are 12 months in length and begin on June 1st of each year.

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